Our Story

Youlonda was born and raised in Louisiana where she learned to cook with love! Yola's Pralines was started in Morgan Hill, CA in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. She did not have more time to cook as she was still working at home during the pandemic, but she did have more time to think about how she could share my love of cooking by starting a business. Since starting this business, it has slowly grown into a sweet shop in which we make a variety of my special treats. Youlonda has always loved to make many of her favorite southern desserts to share with friends and family. Now, these desserts are available for locals to order and enjoy!



Diane is a true Californian, born and raised. Being a mom of three, she has pretty much cooked every recipe in Betty Crocker's cookbook. Diane enjoys making entrees and side dishes. Many years ago her friends gave me the nickname "Cookie" because she would cook dinner and give away plates to her friends and neighbors. Lately, she has began making sweet treats, which is her favorite to make. She enjoys making may sweets from pineapple upside down cake, lemon bars, and chocolate covered strawberries. Her current specialty sweet is almond brittle with a hint of cinnamon. Diane is the life of Yola's that keeps the business running.